Welcome to Yoga Stuff by Stacey Stufflebeam


Hi! I'm Stacey. I'm a Yoga Alliance Registered Yoga Teacher and would love to have you in class. I actually started practicing yoga as a grad student right after September 11th in 2001. Back then, yoga showed me that it just might be possible to bring harmony and balance into this crazy world. I still love how yoga flows right off the mat into my life and strive to create smooth flowing Vinyasa style classes that will do the same for you. I work to ensure my classes are a rejuvenating place to focus on building strength, flexibility and, of course, balance. I've found that by emphasizing movement with the breath, students of all levels are better able to sink deeply into each asana to find quieter minds. Because I completed my teacher training while pregnant, I eagerly obtained extra certification in Prenatal and Postnatal Yoga a few years later and have had the honor of teaching Prenatal Yoga ever since.


I think yoga can be fun no matter where we find ourselves physically, mentally, or geographically. I've been known to strike a pose in an odd place or two. A playful Dancer pose on the wall of a 300-year-old UNESCO World Heritage fortress? Yes, please! An out-of-this-world Tree pose at NASA's Rocket Garden? Of course! Once I was even spontaneously asked to teach a yoga class while on vacation in the Caribbean. How could I resist a yoga class at the seaside?! I also maintained a steady yoga practice while living in Mexico; so what's next? A verdant Wild Thing in a rainforest? A joyful Mermaid pose on a beach? Stick around to find out.


Practice. Smile. Enjoy.







Photographs by William A. Rice at eight one seven photography. Please respect his profession by observing all copyrights.